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Princess cut diamond engagemanet ring Rui & Aguri Fine Jewelry

Hot to order Rui & Aguri Fine Jewelry

International Order by Contact form or Email

1.Contact mail from you. Hear your requests.
2.Free design budget & delivery schedule propose.
3.Order by payment transaction
4.Final delivery to you!

Worldwide Delivery

Custom Jewelry orders including wedding & engagement ring orders, are always welcome! Please feel free to contact us by "Contact form & email".

For customers around Tokyo or visiting Tokyo, Design meeting is always welcome by reservation. (Only email design proposal available currently due to COVID-19. Please excuse us.)

For far distance over sea customers, by hearing your requests by email, we always propose designs by email conversation fine. Design meeting & email design propose is alwasy free. Plaese feel free to let us know your request.

Diamond rose gold engagement ring Rui & Aguri Fine JewelryRose sapphire gold wedding ring Rui & Aguri Fine Jewelry

Open Hours

We are a private jeweler just for you always open to your schedule. Custom jewelry order design meeting at Tokyo studio is always welcome by reservation daytime & evening time.

Aquamarine diamond gold engagement ring Rui & Aguri Fine JewelryColorful jewel crown motif gold wedding rings Rui & Aguri Fine Jewelry

Material & Price

Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings Full Custom Order Guide Prices

With Gold and Platinum, Special shapes & motifs and variety of jewels and diamonds,
the budgets below are guide prices from our past orders
which always made fantastic full custom made rings with enough budgets.
Basic 2 months making time.
For other custom jewelry order like necklaces & bracelets etc,
prices are not same as rings. please feel free to contact us anytime.

Wedding Rings (Set of 2 rings)

  • Gold 14K: From $1500.00(USD)
  • Gold 18K: From $2000.00(USD)
  • Platinum 900: From $3000.00(USD)

    Engagement Ring (Diamond ring)

  • 0.4 carat under: From $2500.00(USD)
  • 0.5 carat around: From $3000.00(USD)
  • 0.8 carat around: From $4000.00(USD)
  • 1 carat over: From $10000.00(USD)

  • We will make your precious feeling for your love to a special ring

    We make jewelry with Platinum (950, 900), Gold (yellow, white, rose, 22K, 18K, 14K, 10K), Silver (925, 950), Diamond and all kinds of other jewels.

    Wedding Ring

    Price is always different at custom orders depend on client's requests contents and time. For example, a very simple custom wedding ring order is usually from $1000.00(USD) with Platinum 900, and $800.00(USD) with Gold 18K, $600.00(USD) with Gold 14K and $300.00(USD) with Silver. All prices listed above is with basic 2 months making. Price is extra charged depend on weights of metals and quality of jewels.

    Engagement Ring

    About Engagement rings with diamonds, price is usually from $2000.00(USD) with Platinum 900 or gold 18K. Price is extra charged depend on the sizee of quality of diamonds. Large size & high quality full custom made diamonds engagement ring is usually made very enough budgets of around $3500 to $7000.00(USD).

    We are capable of orders of very large & high quality diamonds which price usually easily go over $10000.00(USD) jewelries.

    Every customer is in different situation of jewelry, please feel free to contact us anytime. We will love to propose jewelry of your needs anytime worldwide!


    Payment is always welcome by paypal, bank to bank wire transfer, or credit card through shopping sites.

    engagement ring with engraving Rui & Aguri Fine Jewelrybirthstone diamond milgrain platinum wedding rings Rui & Aguri Fine Jewelry

    Let us know your request

    Please feel free to let us know your requests by sending email or Contact form.

    1. Jewelry you want to make (Ring, necklace, bracelet, etc)
    2. Quantity of pieces ( 1 ring, 2 set of rings, etc)
    3. Materials you want to use (Platinum, Gold, silver, etc)
    4. Your Budget (USD or Yen)
    5. Date of delivery
    6. Your Country
    7. Questions if any

    email: ruiandaguri@gmail.com

    Or Contact us by "Contact form".

    We will mail you with in few days!

    Jewelry design meeting Rui & Aguri Fine Jewelry

    Design propose at Tokyo Studio or by email

    Our Studio is in Tokyo near Shinjuku Station. Design meeting is always free at us anytime by reservations. Jewelry design meeting is usually about 2 hours. Far distance oversea customers, We will porpose designs by emails worldwide fine. Design propose is always free.

    pentagon shape diamond yellow gold wedding ring Rui & Aguri Fine JewelryDiamond shape yellow gold wedding ring & engagement ring Rui & Aguri Fine Jewelry

    Delivery time

    Basic 2 months, Rush 1 month, Fast 2 weeks worldwide delivery

    Delivery time is always depend on the designs. Our custom wedding ring & engagement ring orders are basically 2 months delivery if clients are not in rush situation worldwide.

    Shipping by express air mail with tracking number usually takes few business days + customs worlwide. (shipping fee is ususally included in custom order price)

    We are capable of fast 2 weeks shipping and 1 month shipping with extra rush charge. Please feel free to contact us your situation. We will do our best to deliver special rings on your hands on time worldwide!

    wedding ring order sheet Rui & Aguri Fine Jewelryanniversary number motif diamond pulatinum wedding rings Rui & Aguri Fine Jewelry

    Ring Case & Custom Order sheet

    Rui & Aguri Fine Jewelry's custom made wedding rings, engagement rings & all other custom jewelry orders are delivered with Ring Case & Special order sheet like one in the photo above.

    Enjoying special custom wedding & engagement rings and jewelry by not only wearing, we wish provide moments to love of such a special life time order through an ordersheet painted by the jeweler who made the rings like above.

    gold wedding rings with engraving Rui & Aguri Fine Jewelrytanzanite diamond rose gold engagement ring Rui & Aguri Fine Jewelry
    GIA diamond Rui & Aguri Fine Jewelry
    Rings & Jewelries just made to your order
    Special moments with world of fantastic custom Jewelry
    Rui & Aguri Fine Jewelry is always open to be your private jeweler

    Thank you for your time

    Rui & Aguri Fine Jewelry

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